La Mecanica de las Cosas

by Burning Metro

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released January 1, 2007



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Burning Metro Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Track Name: Wine (and what comes with it)
lift the glass (when will this)
pour the wine (be over, im)
smile again (getting tired)
play this game (of this game)
were im just a part, an insignificant
(piece wich you can modify)
piece wich you can modify as you please
as you please

did you find me? im not ready to go
(did you find me? im not ready to go)
in this story, im not ready to fall
(ready to fall)

into your eyes, and alibis
excuses play my big mistake
in hearing your (youre always talkin)
words (and i just pretend)
hearing your (im hearing when im)
words (playing deaf)

scatter the ashes i burned in your name
(pick up the pieces forget what i said)

scatter the ashes i burned in your name
scatter them good.
Track Name: Tu Nombre Clave es EG Mason
brake my nerves, kill your voice
push your words all the way down my lungs
stop the sound, listen to the radio
search for any song and scream it loud
punch the wall, make sure you don't get hurt
hold my breath, close my eyes and climb some building
really high next to the sky
push my head over the cealing

this is not a test, this is not a rehearse
you must be a really good actress
maybe i will, maybe i will
steal your show

take a bath, lay down and watch tv
re organize my wallet
take a deep breath
hold my head in the same place
a few steps from my body yet my soul is
out to lunch, bite my nails
lack of sugar makes me
cut my hair and drink
all my thoughts of feeling ok
liquor up my self once more

and all i feel is hanging my self, once more
and oh, i need another drink or two, once more
once more

i can hardly stand, i can barely walk
but the thought of you is hard to move on
maybe alcohol, maybe pills don't have the clue
maybe it's time, yeah, i need time to let go
Track Name: Turbinas
and the air is all engines
if there's enough air to breathe
and the seatbelt is broken, and the
cabin depresurise
and my eyes are floating down
and all i wish is to drown in this plane
further down the ocean
'cause i heard, under the sea, your

as the plane crashes down the city
but all i want is to lit up a fire and invite
everyone to burn their pain away
burn my sins away
everyone to burn their pain away
burn my sins away

stop thinking, signals off
and i'm broken too
as the plane crashes down the city
i continue to strike the match
and burn down the walls that separate
the heart from our lives

as a romeo couldn't see his life
he gave it up on suicide
following his steps
a girl without a name did wrong
she killed a boy that had no choice
'cause sometimes words can hurt a little bit more
just a little bit more

as a newborn, learn again
as a fenix, rise again
as a human, make mistakes
as a human, make mistakes

turbines, engines start
i always dreamed about flying
but i never wanted more in my life
to be on the ground
Track Name: Parana
a lonely leaf flying across the window
the trace of the breath left behind

glide like the leaves of this dead trees
dark and hollow
who will never borrow a smile
you turn to us for sorrow

(burn like the ambers of this winter of flames)
while the fire consumes and your brain melts in